Historie CHS Franckenhorst (část 1.)


History of Franckenhorst kennel


article by Barbara Bordas Edina (kennel di Satti, Hungary)


To get to know the Dobermann of today, we need to study its history. In this history, the kennel of Sonja David von Franquemont Freudenberg played a significant role: it gave the breed a great number of excellent specimens, without whom the breed wouldn't have developed to the current level. The von Franckenhorst kennel was founded by an Indonesian woman, Sonja David von Franquemont Freudenberg. Her first Dobermann didn't meet her requirements, therefore she was regularly attending the great European shows and got acquainted with an acknowledged German breeder, owner of the v. Eichenhain kennel, and bought a male from him: Ero v. Eichenhain, son of Andy v. Eichenhain and Wilma v. Fürstenfeld.

The next purchase was a female, Amarilda v. Wachenburg, puppy of Ero. In 1971, the first litter, a combination of Amarilda and Chico v. Forell, came into the world.



"A" LITTER, 1971 (Chico v. Forell x Amarilda v. Wachenburg): Angola, Alva
It received great recognition immediately, as the litter included world winner Alva v. Franckenhorst. Alva completed the Korung as well. A remarkable achievement right to the first attempt, as though it were the sign of the miracle to come.
Amarilda v. WachenburgAmarilda v. Wachenburg
Ero v. EichenhainEro v. Eichenhain

Alva was the sire to the legendary working dog Baron Cesar v. Rensloo, whose puppy Baron Bryan v.Harro's Berg became a world winner. Baron Cesar's sister, Bonita was the mother of world winner Esmir v. Hermansjomaik. Barones Eva's puppy was Ebo v. d. Groote Maat, also a world winner - just like her puppies - and she is a line founder as well.



Amarilda v. WachenburgAmarilda v. Wachenburg Alva v. FranckenhorstAlva v. Franckenhorst


"B" LITTER, 1972 (Chico v. Forell x Olive of Bamby's Pride): Banglah
In the meantime, Sonja sold Ero to Japan, provided she would get two females back in return. The first result of this deal was Olive of Bamby's Pride, daughter of Odin v. Forell and Rita v. Forell. She can be considered as the base female to this kennel, all the renowned v. Franckenhorst dogs originated from her. Olive has never been really successful at the shows. Her first litter was the second one in the kennel's history. She was mated with Chico v. Forell and then gave birth to Banglah, a young world winner.
Chico v. ForellChico v. Forell Olive of Bamby's PrideOlive of Bamby`s Pride
"C" LITTER, 1972 (Chico v. Forell x Amarilda v. Wachenburg): Claire,Ceylona, Comtesse Charm
The third litter originated from the approved Chico-Amarilda couple and resulted in a uniquely beautiful dog, this time a female, Comtesse Charmaine, who became a multichampion.
Don Dayan v. FranckenhorstDon Dayan v. Franckenhorst Comtesse Charmaine v. FranckenhorstComtesse Charmaine v. Franckenhorst


"D" LITTER, 1973 (Bryan v. Forell x Olive of Bamby's Pride): Don Dayan, Della, Dewi
The fourth litter is of historical significance, as it included Don Dayan v. Franckenhorst (the sire to Hertog Alpha v. le Dobry), and also Della and Dewi. Dewi became a multichampion also. The sire was Bryan v. Forell and the dam was Olive. The conception was only possible by means of artificial insemination, as Bryan lived in Sweden, where live animals were quarantined. Della went to Italy and gave birth to Medina dei Piani di Praglia.
Della v. FranckenhorstDella v. Franckenhorst Dewi v. FranckenhorstDewi v. Franckenhorst
"E" LITTER, 1973 (Chico v. Forell x Amarilda v. Wachenburg): Ero
The third and last litter of Chico and Amarilda came into the world in 1973; this is when Ero was born. He became a very successful working dog, and a DVSG, BDSG, IDCSG as well.
Ero v. FranckenhorstEro v. Franckenhorst Uttah of Bamby's PrideUtta of Bamby's Pride

Meanwhile, the second female, Utta of Bamby's Pride (daughter of Rita v. Forell and the previously sold Ero v. Eichenhain), arrived to the kennel from Japan. In 1974, three litters were born.



"F" LITTER, 1974 (Alva v. Franckenhorst x Utta of Bamby's Pride): Fabiene
The first one was a brown female Fabiene, puppy of Alva v. Franckenhorst and Utta.
"H" LITTER, 1974 (Banglah v. Franckenhorst x Utta of Bamby's Pride): Hassan, Hella
The second one was Hella v. Franckenhorst, puppy of Banglah and Utta.
Iris v. FranckenhorstIris v. Franckenhorst Hella v. FranckenhorstHella v. Franckenhorst
"I" LITTER, 1974 (Aro v. Buchenberg x Olive Of Bamby's Pride): Ira, Iris, Idra
Another significant litter was born later this year, with Iris (founder of the v. Diaspora kennel) Idra and Ira in it. The sire to this litter was Arro v. Buchenberg (DVSG) and the dam was Olive.
"K" LITTER, 1975 (Don Dayan v.Franckenhorst x x Utta of Bamby's Pride): Katinka, Kal
Katinka and Kal offspring of Don Dayan and Utta, were born in 1975.
"L" LITTER, 1976 (Don Dayan v.Franckenhorst x Comtesse Charmaine): Laudy, Lothar, Lord Dayan
The first litter of 1976 produced Lothar, puppy of Don Dayan and Comtesse Charmaine. Lothar is renowned for being the sire to Sabine and Salvador v. Franckenhorst.
Lothar v. FranckenhorstLothar v. Franckenhorst Nimrod Hilo v. FranckenhorstNimrod Hilo v. Franckenhorst
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